Best Live Chat Software For Business - Provide Amazing Customer Support

Live chat software is enormous right now. People’s way of communication has changed in the last decade. We are more comfortable chatting than calling over on the phone. More and more businesses are going online, the need for 24*7 support is also increasing. 

E-commerce and online businesses are growing fast because of the current world situation (Covid-19). People are staying at home, working from home, shopping from home and everything else in between. Smart businesses have understood to stay competitive they need to seize the opportunities. 

We need to adapt fast to the ongoing situation. It has exposed the strengths and weaknesses of every business around the world. However, it has also created alternative possibilities to grow, using Chat tools on your website. 

When you understand fully how Live Chat works, you can implement it for improving your customer service experience. It provides you with a chance of turning every visitor into a customer by building a long-term relationship with them. Businesses that deliver great service experience find an increase in sales of 3.8% and a lifetime revenue increase of 6%. 

Some studies you need to look at

According to a study by Kayko, 52% of the customers prefer companies that offer Live Chat on their websites. 

79% of businesses are saying they are experiencing positive effects on sales and overall revenue by using the Chat tool on their website. 

73% of customers are saying the best thing a company can do is to value their time. 

The bottom line is that you need a Live Chat tool on your website. It offers huge potential for your business, whether you are a gigantic business, a small business or a start-up. 

But, with so many options to choose from, which one is right for your business? We are going to look at some of the best Live Chat tools available in the market. 

Before diving in deep, first, we are going to look at the factors which we have taken into consideration while evaluating the chat software. Each tool has some unique features which make them amazing. They develop every software while keeping in mind certain objectives. Each one has its pros and cons. When considering chat tools for your business, always consider your business requirements. 

First, you need to outline your priorities and needs. Writing it down will clear your mind of any confusion. 


When you are looking for a chat tool, look out for the features according to your requirements. It is not the number of features that make the software better for you but the ones which you may require. Some tools might be good for lead generation, the others may be useful for delivering real-time support. You need to weigh down your options carefully for identifying the one useful for you. 

Customer support availability

Getting 24*7 excellent customer support is important for the smooth functioning of your business (especially when everything is moving online). You never know when some glitch happens, you want fast resolution for your problem. Businesses will pay a slightly higher price for the tool if the customer support is great. 

Ease of Use

What’s the use of the product, if it has lots of features, but the user interface is complicated. You won’t be able to use the features in those times. The simpler software is to use, the more benefits it will provide you with. Simplicity also makes it for a shorter learning phase. 


Look out for security policy compliances like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI/ DSS when choosing a chat/ SaaS product. Without these security measures, the software might not be useful for your business. 

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Pricing is also an important aspect when considering a chat tool. Check the budget of your organization, there are many freemium solutions available that can take care of all your needs. You don’t want to be spending too much on features that you might not even require. Choose a tool that provides value to your business without spending too much. 

Top chat software compared 


It is one of the newest entries into the chat support software market with intuitive and sophisticated tools for seamless support. Whether you are an extensive business or a start-up, this software helps you to capture more leads, connect with customers in real-time to select the right product. This increases your sales and business revenue. 

The intuitive and fully customizable interface makes it easy for you and your customers to use it. Gathering and understanding the subject context helps to provide quick support with pre-chat forms. You can customize automatic triggers to send suggestions at the perfect moment. 

Set custom messages when you’re not available online. Customers can send messages and you can reply via email or contact them when you are online. Every customer interaction is a chance of learning and improving your business. You can set the software to save the Chat data as transcripts. It also automatically updates every customer record across the CRM, even when you’re chatting with the customer. With deep integration, you can easily send chat/ data to other agents. 

You get updated reports directly to your inbox, you can set them for daily or weekly. The tool is available for Android & iOS. 


  • Intuitive use with a simple interface
  • Deep integration with CRM 
  • On smartphones


  • Lacks integration with WhatsApp
  • No support for AI
  • No Video calling support 


It is one of the best features of Duvim; it offers two plans with lots of features, even for the free plan. 

  • 14-days free plan without credit card details
  • $9.99/ month with unlimited agent support

2. Hubspot: 

It is one of the oldest and most reputed chat tools available in the market. They launched the free chat software with their CRM. The software is excellent for growing your business with deep integration. This saves a lot of time and money because you don’t have to pipe your data into different places each time. It allows you to view the customer chat with agents besides customer contact data. You can easily understand the context providing you with a competitive edge. 

The tight integration with their CRM makes it easy to view details and history during the chat. They build the chat software around their collaborative product. Your entire team can see and work on the incoming messages simultaneously. It makes the spinning of deals and tickets simple. 


  • Deep integration with their CRM
  • Excellent support 
  • Good for growing your business


  • Slightly expensive (especially if you are a startup/ small business)
  • Limited target capabilities
  • Fewer features for the free plan

3. Reve Chat: 

It is an omnichannel customer support/ engagement platform for driving sales and customer service. The software is AI-enabled, which helps you automatically qualify website visitors to leads. It also helps in supporting customers’ 24*7, at least for simple queries. 

With tools such as video chat and co-browsing, you can engage with customers more and help them throughout their buying journey. They integrated it with social media and other messaging apps, making it easy to connect with customers.

It is one of the most reputed and trusted chat support software. Many large organizations use the chat and provide excellent customer support. 


  • AI-integration for 24*7 customer support
  • Support for video call & co-browsing
  • Omni-channel messaging


  • It needs stronger triggers for outbound messages
  • Lack of WhatsApp support


Three pricing plans are available, one plan is free for 14-days. 

  • Standard: $13.5/ agent annually
  • Advanced: $22.5/ agent
  • Enterprise: $45/ agent

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4. Live Person: 

It is a cloud-based chat solution with AI capabilities and chatbots. You can provide round-the-clock customer support. The software helps to drive customer experience, marketing and sales. They deeply integrated it with CRM, making it easy for you to understand customers and their intent. 

Leveraging Live Chat and messaging data you can drive, scale, manage and optimize your business. The software helps you to match the context in real-time with metrics, analytics and language processing. It works on mobile devices, the web and social media apps. Making it easy to connect with customers on their favorite platform. 


  • It is a comprehensive and omnichannel tool
  • Easily deflect customers from voice to chat with IVR integration
  • AI-powered and cloud support


  • One of the most expensive, not suitable for small businesses
  • Limited reporting with an inability to create custom reports
  • Poor customer service, difficulty to connect with human agents


  • Standard: $40 per agent/ month
  • Premier: $90 per agent/ month
  • Enterprise: Quote based contract for 12 months

5. Intercom: 

They branded it as a conversational and messaging service to help customers throughout their buying journey. The software builds top-notch customer relationships with business messenger and a conversational support funnel. 

The tool provides you with proactive chat, human support, and self-service. With its intuitive chat routing and collaboration inbox, users can send inquiries directly to the right agent. While agents can view the chat history to understand more about the customers. They can provide personalized support, which makes the relationship stronger. 


  • Complete outbound marketing suite
  • Support for fallback email support 
  • Out of the box use and support for over 250 APIs


  • Slightly expensive, not suitable for small businesses
  • The tedious and long implementation process
  • Old-fashioned user interface and experience


  • Growth Plan: $39/ month 
  • Grow plan: $99/ month
  • Other notable mentions: 

Bold 360: It provides email, messaging, and social media channel support. The tool delivers a consistent user experience with both the AI and human-agent interaction. 

Zendesk: It is a cloud-based chat that is suitable for large and small organizations. The software provides you with proactive engagement even before the chat starts. 

Drift: It is a conversational tool for customer support and marketing. The software provides video chat, which increases sales in real-time. You can automate the buying experience with chatbots. 

Comm 100: It is one of the leading customer service tools providers for every sized organization. The tools help you build a stronger customer relationship with real-time solutions. It supports text, audio, video, file transfer and chatbots. It is an agent-centric chat tool with a focus on providing Live support to the customers. The software helps businesses monitor visitors, chat with them, respond to support tickets and much more. You can create a help centre by empowering customers to help themselves. 

Olark: It is one of the best live chat service tools for engaging with customers in real-time. You can capture more leads, solve customer issues, and increase your sales. It has one of the easiest chat transfers, visitor monitoring, and custom notifications. 

Live Chat: It is a popular customer support software that can be easily integrated into website support and sales queries. With Android and iOS support, it is easy to support customers seamlessly. 


Although there are many Chat support tools available in the market, you need to concentrate on your business requirements. Some offer free trials without needing your credit card details, e.g., Duvim. You can use it to check if it fits your business requirements. If you are looking for chat software, you can contact us.