A Definite Guide on Using Live Chat Software on Your Financial Service Website

Want to know the reasons and tips for using Live chat software on your financial service website? Whether you are searching for Live Chat Software Support or a comprehensive Help Desk solution, you have come to the right place. Go through the blog and you will find out your answer.

In the past few years, technology has completely changed the landscape of all industries. We can see the impact everywhere; the pandemic has compelled us to adapt fast or go out of business. Financial institutions have to keep up with this changing environment for providing a smooth, seamless and secure experience.

It doesn’t matter if you are a bank, an insurance company, tax defense, or a financial consulting firm, you have to be proactive to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. With each passing day, the number of people using digital wallets, online banking, and smartphone apps is increasing.

You need to provide the benefits of technological advancements to everyone. Financial institutions have to keep up with technology for creating an efficient self-service channel with a high level of encryption and security. You must educate customers to harness the power of digital transformation.

One of the most cost-effective and secure tools for prolonging service hours and providing an enhanced customer experience is Live Chat software. Customer chat software like Duvim provides an intuitive, customized solution to every organization.

Increase Loyalty with Customer Chat Software

The financial industry covers a vast range of products and services. They serve people and businesses with bank accounts, insurance, assets management, pensions, and more. This is a quite competitive environment, with organizations popping up regularly to make easy money.

Online banking frauds are increasing with a rise in online users and banking services. It can leave customers confused and wary about whom to trust with their hard-earned money. This increases the challenge for genuine, trustworthy organizations to attract customers.

Live chat tools allow you to connect with customers in real-time. Instant communication helps build trustworthiness, loyalty, and reputation. You can guide customers throughout their visit, answer their queries quickly with messages.

Live Chat for Financial Needs

Managing bank accounts becomes easier with Live chat. It is a great tool from the customer’s perspective because of the help one can get without needing to leave their home or office. The support agents can help reset their account, help with cards, and other such issues. You can provide information and updates on mortgages, interest rates, loans, annuities in real-time.

The customers can inquire about their pending transactions, loan repayment due dates, account openings, and more. It also provides them with the option of uploading electronic signatures, forms, and other documents quickening up the process.

Customers who are out of the city/ country don’t have to visit you in person or call on the helpline number (roaming charges) to get help. It makes customers’ and your life easier.

Advantages of Using Live Chat Tool

The Live chat tools help bridge the gap between your financial institution and customers. It also provides you with several other benefits.

      No need to call on helpline numbers:

We all have the experience of waiting for the call to get connected to the support agent on the customer helpline. It can be quite frustrating. Live Chat solves this problem by providing quick support. It is also less demanding for your support agents, as they don’t have to be always on the call. It is also in sync with the modern communication process; we chat all the time. Live Chat makes it appealing for the customers because it feels casual.

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Easy Multitasking

Live Chat allows multitasking for both the customers and your support agents. The customers can check their financial status, get support while shopping, working or enjoying their free time. The agents can provide support to many customers simultaneously, thus increasing productivity.

Help with co-browsing

Sometimes a customer needs more than just instructions when using your website/ app. For those times co-browsing is the perfect option, showing is always better than telling. When a customer is stuck on a particular website page or they need help with your app, co-browsing and screen sharing become a game-changer.

Meaningful Help with Specialists

One issue we are facing with the rise of technology is the lack of meaningful, personalized help. It is clearer in the online world where face-to-face interaction is lacking. Providing help (quick) using personalized messages increases customer satisfaction. Human interactions create a positive vibe.

Using Bots to Complement Chat

Technology shouldn’t remove the human element from customer service, rather it should complement humans. Bots and humans working together can provide better service 24*7. Chatbots can provide help for repetitive, simple queries while humans can provide help for complex issues. Bots are also a cost-effective solution for your financial institution. Don’t hide bots as human agents, customers would feel cheated when they wouldn’t get satisfactory answers from bots.

Secure Channel for Sharing Information

When you are handing money online, it is even more important to provide a secure channel for confidential information. Secure chat software like Duvim has field masking for gathering information from customers. It is important to have high data protection standards and secure servers.

Detect Online Fraud

With Live Chat Tool, you can detect online fraud by viewing and detecting visitors’ locations (city and country). If something unusual happens, your agents can detect and prevent it at the correct moment. When someone is trying to access an account login from China and they have never visited it before or put up any travel notice. It might be a scenario of some other person trying to get into the account.

Increase in Customer Satisfaction

The above reasons increase customer satisfaction rate up to 92%, according to a report by Forbes. Live Chat also scored the highest for the preferred channel of communication, up against a helpline call and email support. Remember that customer satisfaction and customer loyalty go hand in hand.

Tips for Making The Best Use of Your Live Chat Software

There is no step-by-step guide to tell you the exact way of using LiveChat on your website. However, we have collected some useful tips to supercharge your customer support using Chat tools.

Customize the Chat Button

A well-designed chat button helps get customers’ attention. Make it easy to access, use colors that are consistent with your brand. It shouldn’t be too distracting or irritating to your eyes.

Auto-Activation Trigger

Add an auto-activation trigger of say 5-10 seconds after the website loads. Doing this increases the number of people using Live chat considerably.

Trigger-Based Notifications

Use trigger-based notifications to send personalized messages using customer profile matching. You can customize targeted promotions and other important reminders, like price changes.

Personalize Using Names

Use customers’ names, they feel much appreciated. You can employ a person's name for providing a personal touch. Greeting the returning customers using their names makes for a good conversation starter.

Use Chatbots

As already mentioned, chatbots are a cost-effective way of providing customer support 24*7. Give a name to your chatbot, clarify that the customer is chatting with a bot, not a human agent. Aim for clear and concise communication because it is the key to success. Make a conscious decision to keep it simple and easy to interact with bots and agents.

Leverage Canned Responses for Quick Interaction

Use pre-designed canned responses for saving time and effort. If your system does not recognize the queries, ensure that the customer gets quickly connected to a human agent.

Use Automation for Efficient Solutions

Ensure that you are using automation to your advantage by routing queries to the right specialists in the right department. Automation saves a lot of time and provides efficient solutions. Sometimes you might be confused about which department to send a particular query to keep the option of sending to the agent directly.

Advanced Authentication Process

You must train your support agents to detect fraud by utilizing the customer authentication process. Follow all the security protocols and guidelines like asking security questions, personal & account information. Use a secured VPN to prevent data leaks.

Redirect Customers to The Relevant Website Page

With a phone call, it can be quite difficult to explain some complex information to customers. But, with Chat software, you can send links directing to the correct information. Co-browsing is an amazing tool to show/guide customers step-by-step.

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Personalize the Chat Window For Each Agent

Customers long for personalized touch in this day and age of technology. Use your agents’ name, picture, email address to show customers when they are offline. You can also use your company’s logo, colors, and even motto.

Improve By Going through Chat Transcripts

Chat transcripts are quite valuable for improving your business. When you go through the chat transcripts, you can find valuable customer insight. Use it for training and quality control for new support agents. Leverage it to improve your website, product, and customer support.

Collect Customer’s Feedbacks

Use post-chat surveys to collect customers' feedback. It shows that you care for your customers and helps to keep a quality check. You can use a simple five-point scale to gauge customers’ satisfaction. Emojis are widely popular now, use them to make your survey forms more appealing.

Training Specialists for The Future

Like most industries, one of the critical tasks in financial chat support is the training of future support agents and maintaining quality during the entire process. You need to roll out guidelines and set ground rules for dos and don’ts. Ensure that every agent is following the guidelines.

First, you need to identify what sort of queries you can solve over chat and phone. Most financial institutions resolve money-related queries over the phone because it is easier to identify the customer’s identity. However, additional security features are making chat software, like Duvim highly effective and secure for every type of query.

After identifying queries to solve over chat, train your agents:

      To provide accurate responses

      Become a fast decision-maker

      Excellent communicator

      To handle difficult customers

      Problem solver


If you haven’t yet decided, we advise you to take a free trial of Duvim. You don't need to enter your credit card details for the trial. When you provide an efficient, quick, and safe experience to your customers, your financial services will get a boost. Now that you have all the information, go try it. For inquiries, you can contact us via Chat, helpline number, or email.