Born of the SodlanTech Pvt Ltd, EllisIsOnline is self-funded, profitable and sincerely committed to providing exceptional employee & client experience through our Livechat Software for business.

Our conversation and engagement Webchat application is helping people to connect. We help businesses to grow & increase customer satisfaction.

We have built the Live Chat to help businesses get more sales and provide terrific customer service. We took a simple idea and converted it into a robust business idea.

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We want to share our knowledge with organisations, provide a human touch to online communication.
We take pride in our diverse, transparent & balanced workplace. When anyone needs help, our team is there to offer guidance. We provide actionable steps which work. We are transforming the way businesses and customers work to achieve their goals.


EllisIsOnline was born in the year 2020 when the entire world was facing the great pandemic. It compelled most of the employees to work from home. Organisations had to change the communication process with their online visitors. It provided a better and faster Live Chat tool for engaging with customers.

All substantial businesses start after some tough period. We want to change the whole customer engagement landscape with our free Live Chat software. It is perfect for every organisation size. We understand the tough road ahead, but we are full of hope for a bright future. We have faith in our product.

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Duvim is simple, feature-rich & intuitive. We have designed it with data from extensive research about business needs. The software features help to increase sales and provide better support.

Engage | Satisfy | Sell | Repeat

We have designed our Live Support software for helping organisations have better communication with website visitors. Engage at the moment, which matters most.

Leverage the power of advance chat, connect with visitors and convert them into your customers.

Sign up for our chat, get the snippet code and put it on your website. Customise your chat & widget. Start chatting.

Why Choose Us?

Our chat software is feature-rich and easy to use.

Our commitment is to provide you with the best features. It has features which will drive your sales-forward and increase customer satisfaction. We ensure our customers are happy & satisfied.

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Easy to set up & intuitive to use. Features which you need and not for the sake of increasing features. Sign up, install the snippet codes on your site and start chatting.

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The chat software extends your brand. We understand this, that’s why it is fully customisable. Perform effortless editing with the handy editor.

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It helps to improve your brand value by satisfying every customer. Turn website visitors into your customers. Provide proper customer support.

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We walk the talk. Understand that you are working with a company which values integrity. We take pride in our values. Everything is transparent.

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We are not satisfied with success & work on continuous improvement. It is a priority to develop & add innovative features for making our product even better.

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We are available for help anytime. We have a technical team with advanced knowledge. Just ping us, we will provide you with the solutions.

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