Live Chat Benefits: Definite Reasons To Use Live Chat software On Your Website

In today’s world, with so many options for every product, you need to concentrate hard on improving each aspect of your business. One sure shot way to increase your sales is by improving your customer service. You don’t have to be a marketing guru to understand the importance of customer service. Every satisfied customer is greater than all of your marketing efforts put together. They spread friendly words about your business, and the best part is that it is free.

Customers’ behavior have changed with the changing times. People don’t wait for long if they are finding it difficult to buy some product/ service. Our attention span has decreased. Your business success depends on how fast you can solve customer’s queries. According to a study, if you cannot connect with your customers within 53 seconds, they are likely to abandon your site.

E-commerce websites are using Live customer support for some years now to increase their sales by helping customers choose products, solve their queries and much more. Real-time chat helps to improve the bond with your customer, increasing conversions. You should also remember the fact that people nowadays are more comfortable chatting than talking on the phone.

Over the last 3-4 years Live Chat software has become quite popular, and with the current world situation, it is becoming an integral part of every business. You can use the tool for employee retention, improving employee experience, increasing sales, providing customer support and much more. If you’re not providing real-time answers, then you are missing an enormous opportunity for improving your business.

Helps In Providing Fast Customer Support

Interactive voice response used to rule the customer service industry, but, with the rise of Live Chat software, we have now realized how much important it is to provide fast customer support. With IVR, the wait time is quite long, you should not check your customer’s patience level.

Your business success is directly dependent upon your customer’s retention. When you use a Live Chat, the customer can connect with the right representative without having to wait for long. If you want to connect, get more leads and increase sales, start using Live Chat software on your business.

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Improved Response Rate

Using Live chat improves the response rate from the customers by providing a fast response from your support agents. When you provide a fast response, you are not giving a chance to your customer to be dissatisfied with you. A popular study by a marketing company, suggests that 79% of customer prefer Live chat.

With Live Chat your support agents can connect with multiple visitors simultaneously. When the traffic is high it is easier to assign chats to other available agents. Visitors don’t have to wait much longer for the response.

It is imperative, you provide a fast response. Research shows that 20% of customers will stop using your product/ service because of a delayed response from your side. When you are not available to respond, you can put up a message about your availability. Customers will respect you for the transparency.

Time Saver

With Live Chat, you can respond in real-time. It saves a lot of time for both customer and business. With emails, there is a lot of back and forth email sending before a satisfactory solution is reached.

You can get a competitive edge by providing swift resolution. Resulting in higher customer satisfaction and sales.

Learn from Chat Transcripts

When you understand the issue in detail you can solve the customer’s queries faster. With the chat transcripts, it is easy to learn about customers behavior, your products and use it for your business betterment.

The chat transcripts can be used for training other agents as well. When the support agents understand the context, the productivity level goes through the roof. You can create a database of commonly asked questions, it also helps in creating support material.

Avoid Repetition

It is quite frustrating to repeat information. It is especially true when you are a customer and you have to repeat your problem to another support agent. Remember, the customer is mostly in a hurry and you don’t want to make them wait. Asking repetitive questions raises their dissatisfaction level.

When you read the chat transcripts, you can learn more about your product, service, customer’s preferences, their grievances. The next support agent can start seamlessly without asking the same questions. 

Robust Support with CRM Integration

After you connect the Chat software with CRM, it turns into a robust automation tool. It makes it easy to get entire customer data seamlessly.

With CRM integration, your Chat support agents can better understand customers. It results in improved customer retention. You don’t have to spend time on data entry or adding contacts manually.

You can control the data you want to integrate for easier and faster access. Your support agent can focus on what’s necessary for business growth without worrying about miscellaneous.

Easy to Escalate Any Issues

When a customer is not satisfied with the issue, it is easy to escalate the issue to a senior team member. They can look into the matter seamlessly.

You can do this by mentioning your team member’s name in the chat. They will get notifications for customer assistance immediately. Taking immediate steps to solve customer’s problems goes a long way in improving your reputation.

Send Specific Messages

After integration of Live Chat with your automation tools, it is quite easy to engage. It provides you with actionable insights into customer’s preferences and activities. Going through the analytics you can see the pages they’re stuck on and the page they spent the most time on.

You can send specific messages from specific website pages, with Live Chat messages to different customers.

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Get a Competitive Edge with Live Chat

You would think that every business knows the importance of using Live Chat on the website. But, according to a study, only 9% of businesses provide a Live Chat option. The number of customers who use chat as their primary communication method now stands at 58%.

You don’t want to miss out on any opportunity to connect with your customers. Making a trusted relationship with your customer goes a long way for your business success.

Retain More Customers

Customer relationship is important for your business. Live Chat services like Duvim allows you to do exactly that with fast response, seamless transition, personalised messages and much more. When a customer is satisfied with your services, they are more likely to stay loyal to your business. Additionally, they will spread good words about your business as well.

Live chat can increase customer retention by as much as 5%. There is an old saying in the business world, “it is easy to retain old customers than new acquiring new ones.” Build a strong customer base with Live Chat.

Categorize Customer Issues

Categorizing customer issues helps you streamline workflow. With Duvim Live Chat, you can easily collect customer queries. After collecting several queries you can categorize them into different segments. It becomes easy to send it to the relevant department.

When a customer connects with you on the Chat, you don’t know what kind of queries they have. There is little to no chance that they will start chatting with the relevant support person. Some might have queries related to bugs or facing technical difficulties, assess the customer’s query then send it to the concerned support person.

Organizations that categorizes queries and send them to the relevant department make customer satisfied.

Reduces Bounce Rate with Fast Engagement

When a user is unable to find the relevant information on the website, they leave instantly. It impacts the ranking of your website and business in the long run.

After going through the analytics, you can strategically place the Live Chat software on pages where customers are facing the most issue. You can customize the chat box to attract customer’s attention.

If someone needs some assistance, they can contact you easily with Live Chat.

Collect Customer’s Feedback

After resolving customer’s queries, you can take their feedback and suggestions for making your business/ better. If most customers have a positive opinion about your business, then it means you are doing good and vice versa.

If most opinions are negative, you need to change your approach. See areas of improvements and work aggressively towards it.


In today’s highly competitive market, you need to be always on your toes for growing your business. Take advantage of every tool to connect with your customers. Using chat software will improve your customer engagement, relationship and sales.