Increase Online Sales - Simple Steps To Grow Your Online Business

There are many goals for starting an online business, but the one common thing is - increasing sales. It is a constant marketing goal, improving sales. With tough competitions and lots of options for customers, your business and brand need to stand out from the crowd.

It is easier said than done. However, by implementing the right strategies and tips, you can achieve your sales goal. Go through the blog and you will have a rational idea about increasing online sales.

Be Honest About Your Business

It sounds cliche. Still, so many online businesses come up with promises that they can’t keep. Writing inflated product descriptions seems tempting, but avoid it at all costs. 

When you write an honest description, it increases trust in your brand. Don’t use hyperbole lightly, with so much online information available, people will eventually find out. 

Taking a straightforward route is better in the long run than using false claims. Be honest from the website homepage to your marketing campaigns. 

Be proud of your honesty and business transparency. Consumers like sincere businesses that provide great service. Don’t become something which you’re not. 

Use Testimonials For Showing Trust Signals 

Customer feedback is much important for online business growth. People trust honest product reviews and testimonials. It acts as a social signal. It is also a great way to improve your products and services. Another significant thing is that it is free.

A satisfied customer is far more influential than your amazing product sales copy. Ensure to include honest testimonials on your website. You can place them on the landing page, product page, pricing page or home page. You can use them according to your website type, service website, eCommerce website or blog website. 

These trust signals create a favorable image of your brand in the customer’s minds. 

If your business has any professional accreditation certificates, display them proudly on the website. Put the list of satisfied clients on your website to show trust. Every customer/ client should know about your business credibility.

Creating A Sense Of Urgency 

It is imperative to be transparent about your business, but it is not wrong to create a sense of urgency. You should use persuasion techniques to buy from your right now. 

Customers respond positively to offers, incentives, limited-edition items. Test different strategies like free shipping or discounts to see which suits your business needs. 

If you’re using paid marketing, you can show a countdown for showing some offers or similar methods. 

Provide Money-Back Guarantee 

People have a tough time taking risks when buying, especially from a new brand/ service they haven’t heard of. It takes around seven impressions for people to buy online products. People try to avoid monetary loss by not buying new products/ services. Most people feel a bit of buyer’s remorse. You can overcome this by offering a money-back guarantee. Take away things that can deter visitors from purchasing from you.

Simplify Choices 

Businesses think that by providing various options they can increase sales. But sometimes that strategy can backfire. Most times, offering too many choices leads to indecision, resulting in losing a sales prospect. 

When you offer the right amount of options to choose from, visitors will have a better chance of looking. One simple way to achieve this is by arranging the products in various categories. Emphasizing a few products helps reduce the bounce rate.

Target Similar Audiences On Facebook 

A simple way to increase online sales is to use the data about your buyer to target similar audiences. Popular social media channels help target “lookalike audiences”. 

The lookalike audiences are users who share similar traits with your customers in the database. You can do this by uploading your data to the social media/ e-commerce database. 

You can also use pixel tracking to create an in-depth buyer’s persona. It will help you reach a wider audience with minimum effort. After gathering the data, you can use highly targeted remarketing ads to entice customers.

Make The Check-Out Process Simple 

According to a report, customers abandoned $4 trillion worth of items in the cart. Out of those, 63% were recoverable. This is an eye-opener statistic, it reveals how important it is to make the checkout process easy. 

You should also focus on making your website navigation easy. Do some testing, understand the analytics. Eliminate the unnecessary fields in the forms, don’t use timeouts.

Provide Various Payment Options

You should provide several payment options to the customers. People nowadays use different options like a credit card, debit card, online payments and much more. When you offer various options, you can make more sales. 

Mobile payments options are on the rise, it is a must for your business to thrive. People don’t want to search for cards for making payments. Make it as easy as possible by providing options.

High-Quality Product Images 

The old saying goes “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” but there is evidence that shows things that look good, sell more. Invest in high-quality product images, avoid small thumbnails. Don’t use stock images of the products or pictures taken in a poorly lit room.

Remove Landing Page If Possible 

As we have mentioned earlier about getting rid of everything unnecessary, do some tests to see if it works for you. Optimize the landing page to make it congruent with your online ads. 

People don’t want to spend a lot of time browsing pages, it is especially true for smartphones. People who are searching from the phone are on the move or have decided on the closure.

People who are calling you are already sold on your product or service, don’t give them time to change their mind by showing unnecessary pages.

Email Ads 

People are saying Email marketing is dead for years now, but it is always developing. E-mail ads are an alternative way of marketing. You can reach your target prospects and increase sales. 

With the rise of AI technologies, ads are getting better. You can target competitor keywords. It is an effective and easy way to see what your competitors are doing. You can create a strategy accordingly.

Be Consistent Across Campaigns & Your Site 

It is quite irritating when you’ve clicked on an Ad and they took you to some irrelevant page. Would you buy anything from that site? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably not. 

If someone clicks on an ad, it should take them to the relevant page. Ensure that your PPC message resonates throughout the page. It makes sure that it converts your ad, helping you get the best out of your campaign money.

Solve Every Query And Address Objections 

Do not take your visitors/ customers for granted. Don’t make any assumptions about your customer’s knowledge about your products/ services. Companies that assume too much will fall. You shouldn’t leave questions to the customers. 

It is great for thinking about your products and making them better. Preempt your prospects’ objections and try to overcome them. But be wary of bombarding your prospects with information overload. 

Write a clear, tight, precise copy of everything from product information to a sales pitch. Don’t sell them why your company is great. Try to think from your customer’s point of view. Show them why they need your product, bond on an emotional level instead of telling them why your company is great.

Offer Free Stuff 

Everyone loves free stuff, and the more you give free stuff, the more favorably customers will view your brand. Ultimately, it will cause a sales increase. 

Look at your business, can you offer something for free? Some businesses can easily offer free stuff, like a software business that can offer software for a free trial. You can give away some reward-based incentives.

Use Tiered Pricing 

When you go to a food place, they offer something in every budget-range. You can learn from them, taking a tiered price approach. You must’ve seen this effect many times, people end up buying the product which the companies want them to buy by offering a three-tiered pricing system. 

Most don’t choose the cheapest or the most expensive ones, they will choose the middle one. We know this method as the decoy pricing method. Leverage this system to your advantage.

Use Pop-Ups For Pushing The Sale 

Using pop-ups is great for increasing sales. You can provide opt-in offers, prompting people to go for your newsletter, loyalty programs, mailing list and much more. Offer them free-shipping or some discount, the more visitors email you can get, the more chance you have with making a future sale.

Use Mobile Optimization 

Mobile search has overtaken desktop search considerably. People are using smartphones from searching to purchasing and everything in between. You don’t want to leave any chance of making sales. Check your competitor’s mobile sites for a better understanding.

Two necessary things, one is 

    Easy Navigation:

Make the website navigation as intuitive as possible. Place buttons, search bar, chat support software as per convention. Don't try to be cheeky by placing it somewhere else, like the search bar at the top of the left hand instead of the right. 

    User Experience 

People are more likely to abandon your site if something is difficult to find. Invest time and effort in providing a highly optimised and responsive site. Loading time should be under 5 seconds, ask for the bare minimum information for making a sale.

Pinpointing Your Best Attribution 

Understand your best attribution and conversion rates. As an example, see whether the traffic is coming from organic channels or the paid channels. Spend time on understanding analytics, try to strengthen the channels which are giving you the most ROIs. 


It is not only important to provide a great product / service but it is of utmost importance to concentrate on providing a great user experience. Try to connect with customers on an emotional level. If you’ve any queries, please do reach us in the comment section or fill Sign Up form