11 Best Tips For Dealing With Angry Online Customers Over Chat

Angry customers are a big issue in our modern digital age. With social media having so much influence on everyone’s life, an angry customer can easily ruin your reputation with one post. It does not take much time for the post to spread all over the Internet in a matter of days.

It has become more important than ever for companies to avoid “bad press”. It can taint all the years of hard work in a few weeks because of some angry customers.

Providing exceptional customer experience is the number one priority of businesses. Keeping the customer first, delivering satisfaction is important, but we all know that it’s easier said than done.

Customers’ expectations are very high in the world of eCommerce. No matter how hard you try, you can’t keep every customer happy.

Everything is not in your control and things can go wrong sometimes. We fail to deliver products on time, some parts go missing, and ship the wrong item. Even after taking all the precautions, following every step, complaints will come.

Take some solace because complaints are not always a bad thing. If a customer is complaining, you turn that negative situation into something positive.

    According to reports, 96% of unhappy customers won’t complain to you and out of those, 91% of them will leave you for your competitors.

    For one customer complaint, 26 other unhappy customers haven’t complained.

Monitoring complaints:

As a business, you need to be vigilant whenever someone mentions your name online. You can use some monitoring tools like “Mention”, available in the market for checking and responding to them. It makes sure nothing unsolved negative issues are circulating on social media.

Often a customer will contact you directly over the chat software you are using for support. If you are not using chat software, we recommend you get one immediately. You can use Duvim free for 14-days and you don’t have to enter your credit card details.

It is an amazing way for keeping the complaints private, resolving them fast, and increasing customer satisfaction. It also ensures that these complaints don’t make it to social media.

Importance of Chat software

Apart from a phone call, perhaps the most important channel for connecting with customers is chat software. You can work and connect with a customer on a personal level. It improves the relationship between customers and your company every time they interact with an actual person.

The satisfaction level increases when you solve their queries. 73% of customers say having a pleasant experience is necessary for maintaining brand loyalty. You salvage future businesses from that customer after a successful interaction.

Live Chat is becoming popular with customers more than any other means of contact according to a study. It is going up by over 10% every year since the last decade. According to a survey, 73% of customers said that having chat software is important for them to connect with a business.

Other benefits of using chat software:

    Faster response

    Handle more queries simultaneously


We understand handling an angry customer can be a difficult and tricky task. But, you can turn that situation into a pleasant experience by following these tips.

1.   Have the correct mental attitude

2.   Develop thick skin

3.   Show empathy

4.   Practice active listening/ reading between the lines

5.   Show them you’re taking them seriously

6.   Avoid using negative language

7.   Apologize for the issue

8.   Use customers’ name

9.   Build trust

10. Resolve the issue

11. Share the knowledge

1.   Have the correct mental attitude:

Start your interaction with customers by taking a few seconds. Take this time to take a few deep, slow breaths, and go in the right mindset.

When you go into the right mental attitude, your buttons won’t be pushed easily. You also respond professionally and calmly.

Remind yourself that the customer is not angry at you, but they are unhappy with the situation. It can be your product, service or any other issue.

Every one of us has problems and moments of weakness, so don’t hold it against your customers.

Try to identify the three “Whats”:

    What’s the problem?

    What’s the goal of the customer?

    What are your options?

However, if a customer is rude or aggressive, you don’t have to tolerate that kind of behaviour.

Use your judgement and escalate the issue to your manager immediately for additional support.

2. Develop thick skin:

Train your agents for developing a thick skin, not to shy from difficult situations. Being in customer support is a thankless and difficult job. However, with proper training and practice, dealing with angry customers becomes slightly easy.

Let go of hesitation and anxiety when dealing with an angry customer. View them as challenges instead of condemnation. Understand that these angry customers are helping you better your business.

3. Show empathy:

Angry people need to be heard. Allow your customers to vent out some of their anger and frustration by letting them do all the talking. Don’t interrupt them when they are typing their messages.

Empathy is a powerful tool for guiding your responses and reacting to angry customers. Try to keep yourself in the customer’s place, feel how they are feeling at that moment.

When you understand how they are feeling, you could relate to them and provide better solutions. Showing empathy also helps de-escalate anger. It also shows them you are listening to them and respect them.

4. Practice active listening/ reading between the lines

Active listening is one of the most important skills you can develop in life. You need to understand between the lines for getting more details about the issue.

Encourage customers to tell their complete story (in as much detail as possible). This works on two levels; one it makes them feel heard, and it also reduces some anger.

You can do two important things:

    Repeat what the customer has told you to make sure you have the correct information.

    Ask more questions if you need more details about the issue. It shows support agents are focused on the problem.

You can use sentences like, “I will stay with you until the issue is resolved” to encourage customers not to feel disconnected.

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5. Show them you’re taking them seriously

It is important to make the customer feel you are taking their issues seriously and not pretending. When someone is angry at us, our natural response is to give it back. You need to keep a cool head on your shoulder, use responses like, “I see why you are unhappy” and then build from there.

It is difficult to make the customer feel comfortable over chat because they can’t see us. Use these tips for making them at ease:

A.  Use courtesy words appropriately throughout your conversations

 Some lines you can use:

          I apologize. I didn’t understand what you said.

    Use “will you?” instead of “you will”

    Yes, not yeah



    Thank you for waiting

    Will you please wait while I check for the issue?

      B. Don’t interrupt the customer in the middle of their typing

6. Avoid using negative language:

For diffusing anger, you need to avoid using negative words at all costs. Train your staff for developing and practising this skill.

Don’t use language that somehow implies that the customer is wrong. Customers don’t want to hear things that make them feel isolated. Use positive language that we have discussed above.

Use words like:





Avoid using words:

    Let me be clear


    For your information,

They can see this as aggressive and makes people feel like an idiot and isolated.

7. Apologies for the issue:

Apologize for the issue they are facing. Acknowledging the mistakes (even if it’s not your fault/ under your control) goes a long way in diffusing anger. It also helps build trust.

A. Be thorough and sincere in your apology:

    “I’m sorry that your order was late. I have looked into the matter and here is what’s happened...”

    We’re sincerely sorry that you got the wrong order. We are providing you with free shipping and discount coupons for your next order.

B. Be deliberate & respectful:

It shows that you care for their troubles. Use brief explanations, don’t drag. Be respectful and move forward with the issue.

8. Use customer’s name:

There is power in our name. It is the most important and sweet-sounding word for us. Acknowledge your customers with their name. Use the person’s first name if your company policy allows it.

It provides the much-needed human touch in this age of automation and bots. It helps in creating a bond between your company and customers, apart from diffusing some anger.

When you address a person with their name, it gets their attention. It shows that they are not a nameless entity for your business. Addressing them with their name shows you are also a person who respects them.

How to use customers’ name:

          Use name sparingly

    Using too many times can be awkward

    Save data using a person’s name for quick access