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Live Chat provides more value than lengthy emails exchanges. Don’t beat around the bush as customers want a quick resolution to their queries. Duvim gives you a one-stop solution for every organisation, whatever the industry may be.

E-commerce, education, hospitality, customer service, automotive are to name a few industries which can benefit from it. With LiveChat, you can engage multiple visitors at a time. Customers love promptness, increases customer satisfaction.

Website Chat transcripts Data

Whatever your business goals may be - more sales, leads or better service - we do it for you. With our intuitive Live Chat, you can reach your goals. Start your free trial now to get the firsthand experience of the user-friendly Live Chat.

Customise your chat-box to match your brand

We recognise that chat-box is an extension of your business. Tweak the chat-box to match your brand and website. An elegant chat-box increases leads, sales and satisfied customers. It is easy to do with our customisation tools.

Find actionable insights

The chat transcripts are full of hidden actionable gems which can be uncovered easily. Find useful insights from customers, feedback, and comments. Duvim gives you control of the archive. With the intuitive options of searching, filtering and sorting, you can get relevant insights.

Chatbox custom forms

Give your sales and support team potent context about your visitors by collecting information before the start of a chat. Get the name, email, problem type with customisable forms.

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Learn with analytics

Duvim’s detailed reports updates in real-time. Monitoring of chat volume, agents activities, customer satisfaction becomes easy. It enables you to make smart staffing & prioritisation decisions on the go.

Keep your team on the track

Duvim has made it easy to allot chats and monitor teams. The handy shortcuts provide everyone with easy access to a single shared database for quick, consistent canned responses.

Save time, Interact Effectively

With our easy-to-configure automation rules, you engage more visitors, thus speeding up the workflow with our Live chat software. Greet, send custom messages according to the visitor’s persona, send chats to the suitable team, hide or show your Chat Box and much more.

Real-time customer engagement

Visitors don’t want to wait these days. Everyone wants a quick solution to their problems. Interaction has also changed quite a lot. People are more comfortable chatting than talking on the phone. We have made it easy to chat with your website visitors. Get more leads, increase sales, and solve queries faster.

Listen, learn & improve with every Chat

With the live chat data, it is easy to learn and improve on the go. See and understand visitors’ pain points.