Automatically Start Conversations

There is an old saying “Sales is a numbers game”. Duvim helps you to send automatic messages to all your visitors who match a persona. We make it easy to engage with visitors when they’re considering making a purchase.

You can define automatic triggers

  • If a customer is on a checkout page for a specific time
  • If a customer is viewing a customisable product page
  • When you want to upsell

Capture an email with every chat

Duvim pre-chat form allows you to capture leads even before you interact with the visitor. Every chat is a fresh lead in your sales funnel.

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Build visitor profiles

With custom profile fields, collect any & all relevant information about leads. Get a customer’s name, location, company size and much more.

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Personalise every chat

Duvim provides you with detailed information about the person you’re interacting with, links to transcripts of previous chats. You can communicate better on the go accordingly.

  • ► See the page the visitor is on
  • ► Pull up chat archives
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Provide superior service with Live Chat

Customer preferences are changing with times businesses have to adapt accordingly. More and more customers want to chat rather than a phone call. Chat is simple, fast and convenient. Customers can do it while browsing or from work without a long wait time.

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Faster Resolution

Live support helps your team to resolve issues quickly. Don’t wait for lengthy email exchanges. Solve problems in minutes and increase a customer’s satisfaction.

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Collect Feedback

Invite the customer to rate their experiences with the post-chat survey. You can understand what makes a customer happy. It helps you to get better with every chat.

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