Definitive Guide on How To Choose The Best Live Chat Software

Business is changing with modern technology. Customers’ attention span is decreasing, no one wants to wait long for a solution. With a wide range of options to choose from, your business should provide instant customer support to make itself competitive. Gone are the days of, to & for customer emails or waiting for long on the call for service. Enter Live chat software for instant customer support, it is changing the way businesses are interacting with customers.

It is helping in generating qualified leads, enhancing customer experience, retaining customers and driving sales. It is changing the game of how you are interacting with your customers. Every business and support professionals need to look, you can’t ignore it. It is here to stay.

According to a recent study conducted by Kayako, 41% of customers prefer to live chat over other methods of communication like email, phone calls and social media interactions. Now, 4 out of every 10 customers are saying they would choose companies providing live chat support.

Benefits of Live Chat Software

The rise of popularity of Live Chat Software is because of the many benefits it offers. It is fast, convenient and efficient to name a few benefits. The advantages go beyond providing only a faster and efficient way of providing customer support. The software improves your support agent’s productivity, helps understand your customers better and improves your product decisions. Look at the benefits of Live Chat for your business.

Improved Customer Support Experience

Live chat is getting popular because of the instant solutions you can provide. Customers can get their issues sorted out without having to wait.

Your customers can reach you anytime they have any issues they cannot solve. It feels much better compared to sending email to customer support. You don’t know when you will get a response to the email. This promptness increases customer satisfaction.

Helps In Acquiring New Customers

Forrester reports you are 2.8 likely to convert a visitor when your website has Live chat support Software installed. It helps in building trust as they don’t feel the pressure of converting.

Build Rapport With Customers 

Your customer support agent can observe customers in a better way. Understanding their emotion and then replying by adjusting their style. When you mirror your response according to their sentiment, you build better connections. Chat software captures your support agents’ personalities in a better way.

Decrease Repetition For Your Customers

People get irritated when they have to explain themselves again and again. According to a study, 72.5% of customers expect a support agent to understand their problems in one go — without repeat.

When chatting, your agents can reply and access other details about the customer. You can check which window the customer is on, access previous interactions. With tools, you can send screenshots and links to customers providing them with simple instructions.

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Increases Support Team Productivity

Live Chat boosts teams productivity by responding to several customers at one time. You can support only one person at a time on-call or reply to one email. Even with some trickier issues, you can respond to two-three customers at a time. Duvim Live chat software is one of the software, which helps you research and respond at the same time. It has in-built tools at one place where you can get things done. Your agents can focus on productivity and providing solutions instantly.

Helps In Providing 24/7 Support

You can provide 24/7 support or the hours according to your business. When you are available for the entire day, customers won’t have any issues with their problems going unheard. If your team is small and you can’t provide 24*7 support, you can include a knowledge base about your service/ product.

When the Live chat is offline, you can ensure it is easy for customers to find support docs. It satisfies people most of the times when they find some sort of solution available easily.

Live Chat in combination with the documentation proves to be quite effective in solving customer issues.

Increase Customer Engagement

You will see an increase in interaction with customers when you use Live Chat. While the older generation still prefers a phone call or email, the younger generation is biased heavily towards Live chat. People will not ditch your product or service when you are providing support via chat. One such great software is Duvim, which makes it possible to personalize your chat user interface. You can add name and agent pictures to give a human touch.

Get A Competitive Edge

If your competitors are not providing Live chat support or providing low-quality support, you can get ahead in the business game by providing high-quality customer support. A popular study says that almost 50.34% of customers prefer Live Chat over other methods.

Take an example, you are a customer who wants to choose between two products. Would you dial customer support for help or chat to support agents? If you’re under 45 years, you are most likely to chat.

Improve Product Decisions

With the data from live chat, you can improve your products and services. You can store, organize and tag different chats for future use. Duvim chat allows for automatic data capture according to your flagged keywords. You can create a database for your support, product, and marketing team.

You can tag using the feature, additional requests, questions, topic, and others. Keeping the data in one place improves decision-making dramatically.

Features To Look At When Searching Live Chat Software For Business

With any software, some Live chat software has several features while others have slightly fewer features. But, there is a downside to many features, you might not require or even understand most of the features. It is vital to look for software with features which is important for your business. In today’s market there are various Live Chat software services for business, so choose wisely.

The chat software should help your business in:

      Cutting response time

      Reduce customer frustration

      Increase sales & retain customers 

 Every company is different, each team is unique. But these 3 features are essential.


The chat software extends your business. It should reflect your brand identity. Customization is one of the important features for which you should look out for when getting chat software. Duvim Live chat is a fully customizable software.

You can do things like:

      Customize pages which will show Chatbox

      Personalize welcome message & chat availability time

      Workflow and custom notifications

Another important thing it should offer is scalability. The chat software should grow with your business, simple at the start and robust for future needs.

Proactive Chat

A live chat should allow you to connect proactively with the users. Emails, phone calls lack this ability. You can guide customers proactively through the buying journey, responding to their questions quickly and much more.

Deep Integration 

When your Live chat is deeply integrated with desk software/ website, the support level goes up. Your team can get the whole picture which results in better customer relationships.

Duvim chat integrates seamlessly with your website/ help desk, which allows agents to get a holistic view of consumer problems. It helps in providing better and efficient solutions.

Connect with the customer during their buying journey:

With Live Chat, you can guide customers during their buying cycle. Seamless integration with other tools helps in:

      Understanding and showcasing the entire journey

      Get notifications across channels

      Work better with easy coaction

The integration can vary from software to software, you may require the level according to your business.

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Ecommerce Website 

When you have an ECommerce website, the software should work seamlessly with the site and point-of-sale. Customers should be able to find a solution to their issue easily without going back.

When searching for a chat solution, look for software that integrates deeply with websites and apps. It helps in cutting down response time and provides prompt support.

Team Communication

Your team should be able to communicate easily and seamlessly. When the team is small, it is a straightforward process, the complexity increases when your business and team grow. You will face various additional questions from customers. You will require constant communication and access to a customer’s history.

Customer Journey

Today’s customers prefer chatting rather than calling on the helpline number. With Live Chat, you can guide your visitors throughout their buying journey. The software is not meant to replace any channel; it is for complementing all the other support channels. Duvim integrates easily with CRM software helping you keep track of the data.


When you are searching for Live Chat software for business, price plays a key role. You need to consider your budget, features, and requirements. There is no use in buying software with a lot of features which you won’t require. Duvim Chat keeps a balance between features and price. With customization and scalability, it offers solutions for every company size. You should keep your needs in mind, like, how many chats you will get in a month, analytics, discounts. Understanding your needs is great to avoid confusion in the future.


Customer communication has changed in today’s market. You need a chat software besides emails, helpline number for providing great customer support. It also helps in increasing leads and sales. With so many options, you need to consider your requirements. We hope you have got an idea about things to look out for when getting a chat software. If you’ve any queries, reach us by commenting in the comment section or at